World cup paraguay fan Larissa Riquelme

A model from Paraguay, Larissa Riquelme was the greatest thing about 2010 World Cup!
I never have seen an equally graceful big boobed soccer fan!

As i have found in Wikipedia:

A famous model and actress in Paraguay, Riquelme rose to international prominence during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A supporter of both the Paraguay national football team and the club Cerro Porteño, she was first pictured in international media celebrating a goal during the game between Paraguay and Italy with her Nokia mobile phone between her breasts (as part of a promotion for a mobile phone company. Riquelme is the face of the deodorant brand Axe in Paraguay and at a later Paraguay game in the World Cup she was also seen with the word "Axe" written on her chest as advertising for the deodorant brand.

After becoming one of the most searched-for persons on the Internet, she was named "World Cup's Girlfriend" by Marca, the largest Spanish sports newspaper. She was also described as the most famous fan of the World Cup.

Following her rise to fame, and after Argentinian coach Diego Maradona promised to run naked through Buenos Aires if Argentina won the World Cup, Riquelme matched the offer and promised that she would run naked (wearing only body paint in the colors of Paraguay) through Asunción if Paraguay won the World Cup, or even if they reached the semi-finals by beating Spain. Paraguay eventually lost its match against Spain, but Riquelme announced that she would fulfill her promise anyway. Apart from modeling and acting, Riquelme has also articipated in Bailando por un Sueño, the Paraguayan version of Dancing with the Stars.

Goddess Brandy Robbins

A goddess has stepped down from heavens... Behold! Brandy Robbins...

It is just unbelievable how those big breasts look sexy in her tight clothes. And this pretty face and dreamy eyes... I'm in love!

Guess what? A joke of the day:

"Dear Reyer School, God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your
recent senior citizen's luncheon. I am 84 years old and live at the county
home for the aged. All my people are gone. It's nice to know that someone
thinks of me. God bless you for your kindness to an old forgotten lady.
My roommate is 95 and always had her own radio, but would never let me
listen to it. The other day her radio fell and broke into a lot of pieces.
It was awful. She asked if she could listen to mine, so naturally I told
her to go fuck herself.

Edna Johnston"

Sexy big breasted secretary

Boy i'd like to work in office which employed such a big titted cute secretary! Or maybe she is even a CEO of this office?

Here is a joke that you can use in the office:

A rogue guide dog has been destroyed after leading four of its blind owners to their deaths.

Charity workers were last night facing an investigation into how four-year-old Labrador Gamer was allowed to continue his murderous spree. Officials have admitted how:

* Victim Nunmber 1 was dragged under the wheels of a bus.
* Victim Nunmber 2 drowned when she was led off the end of a pier.
* Victim Nunmber 3 was shoved into the path of a speeding train.
* Victim Nunmber 4 was left stranded as a truck mowed him down.

Trainer Rudi Jones, 48, told newsmen in South Africa: "He was basically a good dog who needed brushing up on his skills.It's so sad that he had to be put down."

Gamer's terror trail began with the death of 43-year-old Selmer Draznower from Johannesburg. Witnesses told how Gamer dragged his master under the wheels of an approaching bus before scampering off.

Amazingly, Gamer was then given to 68-year-old Wilma Hassamore who survived just three months after his arrival. Gamer decided to cut short her seaside holiday by leading her off the end of a pier. The dog pulled back at the last second but Wilma plunged into the sea and drowned.

Next was Marvin Wurtenheim, 28, who thought his prayers had been answered when Gamer arrived. But the misguided mutt butted Marvin off a railway platform.

Unbelievably, the dog was then given to retired Clarence MacDuff, 67, also from Johannesburg. As Gamer was guiding the unlucky Clarence to his doctor, the hapless hound dragged him under the wheels of a delivery truck.

A spokesman for the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association, in Durban, South Africa, said: "We had no choice but to have him put down."

Last night, the chief trainer for Britain's Guide Dogs For The Blind Association, Bob Steele, said: "This could never happen here. If there are any doubts about the animal, it is dropped from our training programme at once."

Yes, girls like this really exist

Watch this, ladies and gentlemen. Girls like this really exist - normal, next-door cuties from the neighbourhood, with gigantic pretty boobs!

And if they exist, so can happen stories like this one (a joke, of course):

Chicago --30-year-old Emad Haddad was shot and killed Friday afternoon after chasing two men who'd robbed his store-Sunburst Food and Liquors-on Chi-Town's bright and glamorous 79th Street.

According to cops, two gents toting semi-auto pistols robbed the store's registers. Witnesses say Emad The Genius (as he will be remembered) ran after the men with a two-shot derringer and took a shot at 'em. They returned the favor with a hail of bullets. Haddad was struck in the head and died on the spot.

Sexy Elita Has got something to tell you...

You cannot disobey such a beautiful girl with huge boobs, so please, click "I like it" on my page. I would also be very grateful if You invited your friends!

Uber sexy Elita Lofblad

Moan and groan guys! Uber mega sexy Elita Lofblad seems to say "would you wish your girlfriend was hot like me ?". Sure we would!

Joke of the day:

U.S. Lawmaker Says He Is Worried About E-Mail Pregnancy

Citing the case of a woman who claims she got pregnant from e-mail, an Ohio Democrat called Wednesday for a "chastity chip" for the Internet. Rep. James Traficant, known for his flamboyant rhetoric, gave a brief floor speech about a woman named Frances who claimed to have gotten pregnant through an e-mail exchange with a paramour 1,500 miles away. "That's right -- pregnant," he proclaimed, warning of the dangers of "immaculate reception." He called on Congress to go beyond "v-chips" that would protect kids from sexual content on the Internet, saying, "Its time for Congress to act. The computers do not need a v-chip. The Internet needs a chastity chip."

Summer night party girl

We are uninevitably reaching the end of summer.. and so i will miss those warm summer nights, when one can meet such a beautiful girl like this one.

Also, i would've really appreciate if you would be so kind to share this page with your Facebook friends !

Take care and enjoy those last days of summer :)

Joke of the day:

A Charlotte, NC man, having purchased a case of rare, very expensive cigars, insured them against... get this... fire.

Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of fabulous cigars, and having yet to make a single payment on the policy, the man filed a claim against the insurance company. In his claim, he stated that he had lost the cigars in "a series of small fires."

The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason that the man had consumed the cigars in a normal fashion. The man sued... and won!

In delivering his ruling, the judge stated that since the man held a policy from the company in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable, and also guaranteed that it would insure the cigars against fire, without defining what it considered to be "unacceptable fire," it was obligated to compensate the insured for his loss.

Rather than endure a lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the judge's ruling and paid the man $15,000 for the rare cigars he lost in "the fires."

After the man cashed his cheque however, the insurance company had him arrested... on 24 counts of arson ! With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the man was convicted of intentionally burning the rare cigars and sentenced to 24 consecutive one year terms...

Smiling brunette busting out of a pink dress

This pink top is certainly too small for such a big rack!

Joke of the day:

Saturday, September 6, 1997

Ligonier, PA. -- There was an old woman who worked in a shoe. She saw a lot of tourists and knew exactly what to do.

After 25 years of playing the "old woman who lived in a shoe" at the nursery rhyme-themed Story Book Forest at Idlewild Park, Nellie Gindlesperger is retiring at the end of the summer at age 85.

She has spent her days crocheting in front of the park's massive brown and green boot, often putting down her sewing to talk to visitors.

"So many of the little ones ask me how many children I have," she said. "I tell them that all of the children who come through Story Book Forest are mine."

Gindlesperger, who in real life has five children and whose own mother played the role for 12 years before her, teaches nursery rhymes to her visitors.

"They aren't teaching the youngsters nursery rhymes today," she said. "Our fairy tales are going to be lost."

Her fairy tales come with a personal twist.

"She said that she really was the old lady in the shoe, and someone wrote a nasty old poem about her," said 8-year-old Gina Crivella.

Idlewild Park is about 35 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Lucy Pinder and a summer day

Spending a warm summer day with a girl like Lucy Pinder is an every man's dream, i'm sure of it !

Joke of the day:

Little Johnny goes into a pharmacy and asks the chemist for some rubbers. The chemist puts a pack of rubbers on the counter. Johnny looks at the rubbers and asks the chemist if he has any other kind. The chemist goes into the back and brings out another pack. "Nah," says Johnny, "what else do you have?" "Well," the chemist replies, "the only other kind that I have are the ones with all the bumps and ridges on them. Do you know what these will do to a woman?" Little Johnny says, "No... but they'll make a goat jump about two feet off of the ground!"

Pretty blonde with a tie

I really would love to be that tie between those perfect big breasts. And just look at that natural smile!

Here is a funny joke for you: (based on a true story)

In the current film, Titanic, the character Rose is shown giving the finger to Jack (another character).Many people who have seen the film, question whether "giving the finger" was done around the time of the Titanic disaster,or was it a more recent gesture invented by some defiant seventh-grader. According to research, here's the true story:

Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and therefore be incapable of fighting in the future. This famous weapon was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking the yew" (or "pluck yew").

Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the French by waved their middle fingers at the defeated French,saying, "See, we can still pluck yew! "PLUCK YEW!"

Over the years some 'folk etymologies' have grown up around this symbolic gesture. Since 'pluck yew' is rather difficult to say (like "pleasant mother pheasant plucker", which is who you had to go to for the feathers used on the arrows for the longbow), the difficult consonant cluster at the beginning has gradually changed to a labiodental fricative 'F',and thus the words often used in conjunction with the one-finger-salute are mistakenly thought to have something to do with an intimate encounter. It is also because of the pheasant feathers on the arrows that the symbolic gesture is known as "giving the bird".

And yew all thought yew knew everything!

Flirting, cocky big boobs brunette

Yes, that won't go aby fraction down, but i'm completely satisfied by her looks..

Joke of the day:

What is the difference between girls aged:
8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58 and 68?

At 8 - You take her to bed and tell her a story.
At 18 - You tell her a story and take her to bed.
At 28 - You don't need to tell her a story to take her to bed.
At 38 - She tells you a story and takes you to bed.
At 48 - You tell her a story to avoid going to bed.
At 58 - You stay in bed to avoid her story.
At 68 - If you take her to bed, that'll be a story!!

Cute self-portrait

I wonder, has this cute girl with big boobs put this photo on Facebook?

Joke based on a true story:

On a British Airways flight from Johannesburg, a middle-aged, well-off white South African lady has found herself sitting next to a black man. She called the cabin crew attendant over to complain about her seating.

"What seems to be the problem, Madam?" asked the attendant.

"Can't you see?" she said, "You've sat me next to a kafir. I can't possibly sit next to this disgusting human. Find me another seat!"

"Please calm down, Madam." the stewardess replied. "The flight is very full today, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll go and check to see if we have any seats available in club or first class".

The woman cocks a snooty look at the outraged black man beside her (not to mention many of the surrounding passengers). A few minutes later the stewardess returns with the good news, which she delivers to the lady, who cannot help but look at the people around her with a smug and self-satisfied grin.

"Madam, unfortunately, as I suspected, economy is full. I've spoken to the cabin services director, and club is also full. However, we do have one seat in first class".

Before the lady has a chance to answer, the stewardess continues: "It is most extraordinary to make this kind of upgrade, however, and I have had to get special permission from the captain. But, given the circumstances, the captain felt that it was outrageous that someone should be forced to sit next such an obnoxious person."

With that, she turned to the black man and said: "So if you'd like to get your things, sir, I have your seat ready for you..."

At which point, the surrounding passengers stood and gave a standing ovation while the man walked to the front of the plane

Innocently sexy Maria Swan

There is a lot of big boobed sexiness under that innocent and shy look of Maria Swan ...

Would she laugh if she has heard this joke?

A few years ago some members of the infamous Dartmouth Outing Club pushed an occupied one-seat outhouse off its foundations, onto its door. The victim tried in vain for a few minutes to roll the entire building onto a different side, but soon gave up, as it was too heavy. She then was forced to climb out through the seat, and over the pit near the bottom (now side) of the outhouse. The followup to this episode was that some `friends' seized me in the middle of the night and tied my feet in a noose suspended in a tree. But that's another story.

Tanned Nemoto Harumi

One of the most pretty asian girls! Very nice tanned on this photo, too.

Joke of the day:

Recently I answered the phone and it was a sales person from a long distance company. They asked for my late father by name.

"I'm sorry," I answered, "but he's dead."

Their reply, "May I leave a number in case the situation changes?"

British big tit model Lucy Pinder

Its easy to notice, that she has got not only a  pair of voluptuous, big breasts, but also a very beautiful face. World would've been a better place if there were more women like her ..

A joke for you, dear readers:

There is a new virus. The code name is WORK. If you receive WORK from your colleagues, your boss, via e-mail, or from anyone else, do not touch it under any circumstances. This virus wipes out your private life completely. If you should happen to come in contact with this virus, take five friends and go straight to the nearest bar. Order drinks immediately and after three rounds, you will find that WORK has been completely deleted from your system. Forward this virus warning immediately to at least five friends. Should you realize you do not have five friends, this means you are already infected by this virus and WORK already controls your life. If this is the case, go to the bar and stay until you make at least five friends. I think I have five friends, but am not entirely positive so I'm headed for the bar never hurts to be safe. THANK GOODNESS I GOT THIS IN TIME!

Elegant Denise Milani in Rome

Is she in Rome or am I mistaken? Anyway, she is so elegant, glamourous and attractive, won't you admit?

Joke of the day:

A father and his little boy went to church. The sermon was on the long side and the boy fell asleep.

This particular priest hated people going to sleep during his sermons. When ever someone appeared to be sleeping the priest would ask them a question to make sure they were paying attention.

When the priest noticed the boy sleeping, he went over and asked the boy "Who is the ruler of the world?"

The boy's father jabbed the boy with a pen to wake him up. The boy felt the jab, opened his eyes and exclaimed "God!".

The priest said correct, and continued on with his sermon. Sure enough the boy fell back asleep. This time the priest asked "Who is the Son of God?"

Again the father jabbed the boy with a pen, and he opened his eyes and said "Jesus Christ!". The priest thanked the boy and continued on with his sermon.

When the boy fell asleep the third time, the priest, livid with anger asked a much harder question "Ok, smartass, What did Eve declare to Adam after their tenth child?"

The boy was sound asleep, and the father had to poke him quite hard to wake him. The boy yelled "If you stick that thing in me one more time, I'm gonna break it in half!!"

Mad men star Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is an American actress known for her role as Joan Holloway in the AMC cable television series Mad Men, and as Saffron in Fox's short-lived series Firefly. Hendricks was named "the sexiest woman in the world" in 2010 in a poll of female readers taken by Esquire magazine. She is known for her distinctive acting, sometimes bawdy humor, and voluptuous figure.

What is worth noting:

In July 2010, Hendricks' hourglass figure was highlighted as a positive influence for women by UK Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone who said "Christina Hendricks is absolutely fabulous...We need more of these role models. There is such a sensation when there is a curvy role model. It shouldn't be so unusual. Hendricks commented in September 2010 that the media is too focused on women's bodies and not their actual talents, "I was working my butt off on the show [Mad Men] and then all anyone was talking about was my body.

Brunette in a very sexy dress

Joke of the day:

Jerry Falwell was seated next to President Clinton on a recent flight.
After the plane was airborne, the flight attendant came around for drink

The President asked for a whisky & soda, which was brought and placed
before him. The attendant then asked the minister if he would also like
The minister replied in disgust, "Ma'am, I'd rather be savagely raped by
a brazen whore than let liquor touch these lips!"

The President then handed his drink back to the attendant and said,
"I'm sorry, I didn't know there was a choice..."

Great a little bit asian looking girl

I can't shake off an impression, that she is such a sophisticated girl - this distant and confident look in her eyes, a perfect body and this little asian feel she's got about her... what do You think?

A funny joke:

A man was driving along the highway, and saw a rabbit hopping across the middle of the road. He swerved to avoid hitting the rabbit, but unfortunately the rabbit jumped in front of the car and was hit. The driver, being a sensitive man as well as an animal lover, pulled over to the side of the road, and got out to see what had become of the rabbit. Much to his dismay, the rabbit was dead. The driver felt so awful, he began to cry. A woman driving down the highway saw the man crying on the side of the road and pulled over. She stepped out of her car and asked the man what was wrong. "I feel terrible," he explained, "I accidentally hit this rabbit and killed it." The woman told the man not to worry. She knew what to do. She went to her car trunk, and pulled out a spray can. She walked over to the limp, dead rabbit, and sprayed the contents of the can onto the rabbit. Miraculously the rabbit came to life, jumped up, waved its paw at the two humans and hopped down the road. 50 yards away the rabbit stopped, turned around, waved and hopped down the road, another 50 yards, turned, waved and hopped another 50 yards. The man was astonished. He couldn't figure out what substance could be in the woman's spray can!! He ran over to the woman and asked, "What is in your spray can? What did you spray on that rabbit?" The woman turned the can around so that the man could read the label. It said: "Hair spray. Restores life to dead hair. Adds permanent wave."

Wendy Combattente in a swimsuit

Joke of the day:

An American, a Scot and a Canadian were in a terrible car accident. They were all brought to the same emergency room, but all three of them died before they arrived. Just as they were about to put the toe tag on the American, he stirred and opened his eyes. Astonished, the doctors and nurses present asked him what happened.

"Well, " said the American, "I remember the crash, and then there was a beautiful light, and then the Canadian and the Scot and I were standing at the gates of heaven. St. Peter approached us and said that we were all too young to die, and that for a donation of $50, we could return to the earth. So of course I pulled out my wallet and gave him the $50, and the next thing I knew I was back here."

"That's amazing!" said one of the doctors, "But what happened to the other two?"

"Last I saw them," replied the American, "the Scot was haggling over the price and the Canadian was waiting for the government to pay for his."

Interesting dark haired girl

She may not be your Miss Universe, but certainly she's got something magnetic in her...

Joke of the day:

I was at the beach with my children when my four-year-old son ran up to me, grabbed my hand, and led me to the shore, where a sea gull lay dead in the sand. "Mommy, what happened to him?" the little boy asked. "He died and went to Heaven," I replied. My son thought a moment and then said, "And God threw him back down?"

Smiling office girl with very large tits in a red blouse

I'd be delighted to have such a wonderful secretary in my office - would you?

Here is a joke about the heaven, where for sure there are women like her:

A man died and went to Heaven. After reaching the gates to
Heaven the man was talking with Saint Peter and he asked, "I know I
was good during my life, and I really appreciate being brought to
Heaven, but I'm really curious... What does Hell look like?"
So Saint Peter thought about it a moment and finally said, "I'll tell
you what, I'll let you see what Hell looks like before you are
officially entered into Heaven. Come with me." And so Saint Peter lead
the man to an elevator and said, "Take this elevator to the very
bottom floor. When the door opens you will see what Hell looks like,
but whatever you do, do not get out of the elevator."
The man said "Thank you" and then climbed into the elevator and hit
the button for the lowest floor. After nearly an hour waiting in the
elevator the doors opened and the man peered out. Before him was a
lifeless frozen wasteland. All the man could see were huge mountains
of ice through blankets of snow. Remembering what Saint Peter said,
the man quickly pushed the button for the top floor, the doors closed
and he traveled back up to Heaven.
After returning to Heaven the man approached Saint Peter and said,
"I'm ready to enter into Heaven now, but before I do I have just one
more question." "Go ahead", replied Saint Peter, and so the man asked,
"I thought Hell would be fire and brimstone, but instead all I saw was
snow and ice. Is that what it's really like?"
Saint Peter thought about this for a second and finally answered,
"Snow and ice, huh. I guess the Denver Broncos finally won the Super
Bowl !!"

Beautiful young blonde girl in a bikini

She is so beautiful - young and pretty, a little bit shy but smiling, of course with a pair of perfect big tits emphasised by a nice bikini underwear... simply stunning!

A funny joke for you:

A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An
earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to
concede their position.

As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked
sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?"

"Yep," the wife replied, "in-laws."

Isn't Iga Wyrwal simply very very pretty?

Judge it for yourself - here in the Christmas mood.

While looking at this beautiful photo, here is some fun:

Random-Jokes Main
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There was a farmer, sitting on the front porch of his house this one hot
summer day, when this kid comes walking down the road carrying a big
bundle of wire.
"Hey kid!" the farmer says. "Where ya goin' with that wire?"
"Well," the kid drawls, "this here ain't just any ol' wire, this here's
chicken wire -- I'm fixin' to catch me some chickens!"
"You can't catch chickens with chicken wire!"
"Sure I can!" the kid says, and takes off down the road. He comes back at
the end of the day and sure enough, he's got a whole mess of chickens
caught in his chicken wire.
Well, the farmer's sitting on his porch the next day, and the same kid
comes walking down the lane, carrying a big roll of tape.
"Hey kid!" the farmer yells. "Where ya goin' with that tape?" "Well, this
here ain't just any ol' tape, this here's duck tape -- I'm fixin' to catch
me some ducks!"
"You can't catch ducks with duck tape!" the farmer yells back. "Sure I
can!" the kid says, and takes off down the road. He comes back at the end
of the day and again, the farmer can't believe his eyes. The kid had a
whole bunch of ducks all wrapped up tightly in his tape.
The next day the farmer's sitting on his porch again, and the kid comes
walking down the road carrying a stick.
"Hey kid!" the farmer says. "Where ya goin' with that stick?"
"Well, this here ain't just any old stick, this here's pussy willow."

"Hang on," the farmer says, "I'll get my hat."

Elegant beauty Bea Flora

Here is some fun for you:

At Heathrow Airport in England, a 300-foot red carpet was stretched
out to Air Force One and President Bush strode to a warm but dignified
handshake from Queen Elizabeth II.

They rode in a silver 1934 Bentley to the edge of central London where
they boarded an open 17th century coach hitched to six magnificent
white horses.

As they rode toward Buckingham Palace, each looking to their side and
waving to the thousands of cheering Britons lining the streets, all
was going well. This was indeed a glorious display of pageantry and

Suddenly the scene was shattered when the right rear horse let rip the
most horrendous, earth-shattering, eye-smarting blast of flatulence,
and the coach immediately filled with noxious fumes.

Uncomfortable, but maintaining control, the two dignitaries did their
best to ignore the whole incident, but then the Queen decided that was
a ridiculous manner with which to handle a most embarrassing

She turned to Mr. Bush and explained, "Mr. President, please accept my
regrets. I'm sure you understand that there are some things even a
Queen cannot control."

George W., ever the Texas gentleman, replied, "Your Majesty, please
don't give the matter another thought. You know, if you hadn't said
something I would have assumed it was one of the horses."

Incredible and glamourous Maria Swan

Joke of the day:

A police officer arrives at an accident scene where
apparently three blondes have leaped to their death
from a very tall building... he suddenly notices that
one is still breathing so he approaches her and asks:
"why the hell did you three beautiful girls leap out
of that building?"
The blond answers in a very weak voice: "we wanted to
try out our new maxi-pads with wings"...
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