Elegant Denise Milani in Rome

Is she in Rome or am I mistaken? Anyway, she is so elegant, glamourous and attractive, won't you admit?

Joke of the day:

A father and his little boy went to church. The sermon was on the long side and the boy fell asleep.

This particular priest hated people going to sleep during his sermons. When ever someone appeared to be sleeping the priest would ask them a question to make sure they were paying attention.

When the priest noticed the boy sleeping, he went over and asked the boy "Who is the ruler of the world?"

The boy's father jabbed the boy with a pen to wake him up. The boy felt the jab, opened his eyes and exclaimed "God!".

The priest said correct, and continued on with his sermon. Sure enough the boy fell back asleep. This time the priest asked "Who is the Son of God?"

Again the father jabbed the boy with a pen, and he opened his eyes and said "Jesus Christ!". The priest thanked the boy and continued on with his sermon.

When the boy fell asleep the third time, the priest, livid with anger asked a much harder question "Ok, smartass, What did Eve declare to Adam after their tenth child?"

The boy was sound asleep, and the father had to poke him quite hard to wake him. The boy yelled "If you stick that thing in me one more time, I'm gonna break it in half!!"
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