Uber sexy Elita Lofblad

Moan and groan guys! Uber mega sexy Elita Lofblad seems to say "would you wish your girlfriend was hot like me ?". Sure we would!

Joke of the day:

U.S. Lawmaker Says He Is Worried About E-Mail Pregnancy

Citing the case of a woman who claims she got pregnant from e-mail, an Ohio Democrat called Wednesday for a "chastity chip" for the Internet. Rep. James Traficant, known for his flamboyant rhetoric, gave a brief floor speech about a woman named Frances who claimed to have gotten pregnant through an e-mail exchange with a paramour 1,500 miles away. "That's right -- pregnant," he proclaimed, warning of the dangers of "immaculate reception." He called on Congress to go beyond "v-chips" that would protect kids from sexual content on the Internet, saying, "Its time for Congress to act. The computers do not need a v-chip. The Internet needs a chastity chip."
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