Yes, girls like this really exist

Watch this, ladies and gentlemen. Girls like this really exist - normal, next-door cuties from the neighbourhood, with gigantic pretty boobs!

And if they exist, so can happen stories like this one (a joke, of course):

Chicago --30-year-old Emad Haddad was shot and killed Friday afternoon after chasing two men who'd robbed his store-Sunburst Food and Liquors-on Chi-Town's bright and glamorous 79th Street.

According to cops, two gents toting semi-auto pistols robbed the store's registers. Witnesses say Emad The Genius (as he will be remembered) ran after the men with a two-shot derringer and took a shot at 'em. They returned the favor with a hail of bullets. Haddad was struck in the head and died on the spot.
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