British boobs owner Chantelle Houghton

She is known from reality shows, but the most important thing is that Chantelle Houghton carries a nice pair of big boobs!

Daily joke:

During Operation Desert Storm, Gen. Schwartzkopf was walking about in the Kuwaiti desert, and stumbled across something in the sand. Uncovering it, he found an old lamp. He took the lamp back to his tent and proceeded to polish it up, and (of course) out pops a Genie.

The Genie thanked Schwartzkopf for releasing him from imprisonment, and told him that he would grant him any wish that he desired. The General thought a moment and then unrolled a map of the Middle East onto his table. He explained to the Genie about the wars that had been ravaging the entire area, and his one wish was for peace throughout the region. The Genie responded that he and his ancestors had been working on that problem for several thousand years, had had no success, and now consider it hopeless. He asked the General if there was another wish he could grant instead.

Schwartzkopf thought for a moment and finally said that he wished that the Chicago Cubs could finally win a World Series. The Genie pondered a moment and then said, "Why don't we take another look at that map?"
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