Hot latina April Hernandez

April Hernandez is so hot... She is an American film and television actress. It is also worth noting that she performs stand up comedy! And has a very nice boobs, too.

Joke of the day:

Harry Schwartz is lying in a hospital bed. His wife, Selma, is by his side:

"Selma, you've always been by my side."

"When I broke my leg at 25; you were by my side."

"When I had my first heart attack at 45, you were by my side."

"When I had my second heart attack at 55, you were by my side."

"When I had my prostate removed at 65, there you were, at my side."

"Now, when I break my hip at 75, you are again by my side, my faithful wife."

"You know, Selma, you're a god damn jinx!"

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