Wendy Combattente - her big boobs

Today we have Wendy Combattente again:

Wendy Combattente

She has one of the biggest natural boobs I have seen. Looks really cute in her dark top and nice aviator sunglasses - I bet that one hundred percent men on the street stare at her :)

Joke of the day:

A man comes home with his little daughter, whom he has just taken
to work. The little girl asks, "I saw you in your office with your
secretary. Why do you call her a doll?"
Feeling his wife's gaze upon him, the man explains, "Well, honey,
my secretary is a very hard-working girl. She types like you
wouldn't believe, she knows the computer system and is very

"Oh," says the little girl, "I thought it was because she closed
her eyes when you lay her down on the couch."
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