Goddess Iga Wyrwal

Like I always say, Iga Wyrwal is the best. Look at her and enjoy; especially the way she looks in a plain ordinary gray top.

Iga Wyrwal boobs

I know that this blog is primarily about cute girls with big boobs, but I am starting to think that the feature I love the most in Iga is her great smile.
Ok, and her big tits too.

Joke of the day:

A fellow was shipwrecked with six lovely women who in a short time were fighting over his attentions. They held a meeting to resolve the problem and decided that each would have his services on a different day of the week, with Sundays off for him. In due time the guy was dragging himself through the week, looking forward to Sunday. As he lay an the beach one day he saw a dot floating on the sea which as it got closer turned out to be a man on a raft. With his last ounce of strength he swam out, pulled the raft ashore, gave the occupant CPR and as he came around said to him; "Oh man, am I ever glad to see you! "Goodness gracious, am I ever glad to see you too" said the raft rider in a swishy way. With a shrug of resignation the guy said... "Oh damn, there goes my Sundays!"
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