Sheyla Hershey - World's biggest fake boobs

Sheyla Hershey is a Brazilian housewife living in Houston, Texas. She is known for her extremely large breast implants.
"I hope there are no wild animals in here"
In May 2008, after 8 operations, she had a recorded bra size of 34FFF. By the end of January 2009, after having another operation in her native Brazil, she was reported to be a size 38KKK. She would continue to pursue recognition as having the "world's largest enhanced breasts", eventually enlarging them to a reported 51KKK.
Hershey has shown interest in various aspects of entertainment and has her own record label in Brazil. She began singing for a Philippine pop band and dancing in the Far East in 2005. After several months, Hershey returned to Brazil. She attended acting classes and began starring in soap operas and comedy shows.

But beware, girls - that kind of surgeries won't do any good for you - it seems that Sheyla currently has got quite a big health problems, due to her enormous breasts. (Check wikipedia, whom I thank for the informations about Sheyla -

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