Las Vegas girl Sarah Alize and her job

Ok, I have promised on facebook fan page, that I next post will be a special one. So, girls and guys, meet Las Vegas resident Sarah Alize, who has a very special job, which is based on her perfect beauty and big boobs:

 Well, boys and girls, thanks to we know, that big titted Sarah Alize here is a bathtub girl at Tao. A what at the what?
The Las Vegas nightclub Tao pays Sarah to sit in a tub wearing a bikini made of flower petals. Does she serve drinks or check coats? Nope. “Just sit in the tub and look pretty,” she says. Unemployment may be approaching 15 percent in Nevada, but any state where a woman can do this for a fair wage has ample reason for hope.
Possessing beautiful large breasts Sarah Alize is currently drawing paychecks from trade shows and the nightclub Tao (where she is “the only blonde bathtub girl”), but national media is slowly getting hip.
 She’s been featured in the magazines MMA Sports, MMA Worldwide and Vegas Party Life; she’s done advertisements for 944, AutoMaxx and Knockout; and you might even catch a glimpse of her in such films as Oceans 13, Iron Man, Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock and Middle Men.
 When you’re a girl-next-door with a smile that lights up a room—who also happens to have the compact 34DD-24-34 figure of a Sin City vixen—opportunity tends to knock.
 She thinks that her best physical feature are her legs. For 5′1″ these limbs look pretty darn good!

Joke of the day:

On preparing to return home from an out of town trip, this man got a small puppy as a present for his son. Not having time to get the paper work to take the puppy onboard, the man just hid the pup down the front of his pants and snunk him onboard the airplane.. About 30 minutes into the trip a stew noticed the man shaking and quivering. 'Are you OK, sir?' asked the stew? 'Yes, I'm fine.' said the man. Sometime later the stew noticed the man moaning, and shaking again.. 'Are you sure you're alright sir?' 'Yes.' said the man, 'but I have a confession to make. I didn't have time to get the paperwork to bring a puppy onboard, so I hid him down the front of my pants.' 'Whats wrong?' asked the stew, 'Is he not house broken?' 'No, that's not the problem. The problem is he's not weaned yet!' 
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