Maria Swan also known as Jana Defi

 Jana Defi  is a Czech model turned glamour model and television personality.

 Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) to an Italian father and a Czech mother.
She has modelled under different names, including "Maria Swan" and "Princessa" (sometimes spelled Princzessa). Defi is also a glamour, lingerie and swimsuit model. She is represented by the German agency, Markuslensch.
Defi has achieved mainstream popularity in the United Kingdom, appearing with top UK glamour model Michelle Marsh on the front cover of the lads' mag Loaded in January 2007. She appeared on the cover again in the March 2007 issue and featured in the magazine's free 3D DVD, photographed with Lucy Pinder. She was featured as the magazine's top centerfold model in the May and June 2007 issue.
In 2006, she appeared as a guest on the German talk show Die Oliver Geissen Show.
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